Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Soft tissue and skeletal injuries to the face, head and neck are not uncommon occurrences and they take an emotional as well as a physical toll on the individual.

Daily living offers many opportunities for such injuries to occur, such as automobile accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, cancer surgery, birth disfigurements, and work related injuries.

Fortunately, many of the effects of these injuries can be improved with facial reconstruction surgery. There is no longer a need to live with the trauma of these injuries.

Specific methods of facial reconstruction will depend largely on the type of injury and the kind of tissue that needs to be replaced. Many injuries that only involve the skin and soft tissues may just require scar revision or scar camouflage techniques.

More complex trauma may involve boney (hard tissues) or a combination of boney and soft tissue injuries. These reconstructions often require multiple operations to achieve the ultimate desired goal for both function and appearance. They may sometimes require a team approach with other specialists in areas such as eye plastic surgery, dermatology, head and neck reconstructive surgery or general plastic surgery. The ultimate goal for these specialists is the best possible outcome for the patient.

"I can't believe how my procedure has improved my self esteem and body image, I couldn't be happier with the treatment."