Increase Confidence

Most women have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts. This may be seen as a difference in size, shape, or nipple position on the breast itself. Usually, these differences are so minimal as to cause little or no concern. However, there are cases where the difference can be substantial enough to cause both a physical imbalance and significant emotional distress.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Can:

Restore a more even shape, volume, and position to the breast mound
Refine the shape and dimensions of the breasts
Address discrepancies in the position of the nipple or breast crease
Help make activities like shopping for clothes simpler and more enjoyable

Who is a candidate for breast asymmetry surgery?

Treatment of breast asymmetry is best undertaken once a woman has completed puberty, and there is no further breast development expected. For significant differences however, treatment is sometimes undertaken during puberty in order to try to alleviate any emotional distress during these formative years. In cases of breast asymmetry, each woman’s situation is unique. The primary goal of treatment will be to create two breasts that match each other as closely as possible for both size and shape. This may be best achieved with surgery on one breast only, but commonly surgery is suggested for both breasts. This surgery often includes augmentation of one breast and lifting or reducing of the other breast.

What results can I expect from the surgical correction of breast asymmetry?

Following the completion of surgery, women usually have a greater sense of physical balance as well as an improvement in body image and self-esteem. The breasts will be much closer in terms of size and shape however no surgical procedure can make two breasts exactly the same.

"I can't believe how my procedure has improved my self esteem and body image, I couldn't be happier with the treatment."